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Black Boys of Distinction

BBOD employs a social strategy that promotes healthy behavior in our community’s young black males so they may become healthy and productive. By focusing on boys between the ages of 8 – 17, we seek to break the vicious cycle of underachievement, underemployment, crime and imprisonment by providing boys with the educational supports, opportunities and valuable life skills necessary to enhance their self-esteem, confidence and determination to succeed. Our goal is to raise their aspirations and academic achievement to each individual's full potential.

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Message From Our Founder

Tommy E. Quick, Founder and Exec. Director

work-with-usimage It is truly heart warming to see the outpouring of support for Trayvon Martin and his family from all over America, and there should be. However there are millions of black boys forced to live a third world existence right here in America simply because there plight is being addressed with effective education and mentoring. (where are the caring black men) Where is the moral outrage when far too many of our boys are in the school to prison pipeline? We should not wait for such a blatant injustice to motivate us to start a conversation in America about the problem that continues to plague the Afro-American male. When we can actually do something to help our sons overcome.

Please join us and support this worthy cause. Your donation will provide mentoring, academic assistance and life-skills training through our Saturday Academy and Summer Institute. Your gifts are tax deductible.

Project "I Can" Symposium V

Black Boys of Distinction Choir
July 21, 2012

Black Boys of Distinction is part of Promised Land Community Development Corporation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


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