TEAM is seeking generous sponsors that embrace the vision and would like to lend their support in helping us succeed.  Below are just a few areas that we desire financial assistance in that will help us to maintain an affordable program for the foreseeable future.  

If you are interested in assisting in a sponsorship role, please contact Thomas Woods at twoods@plcdc.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!

T-Shirt and Polo Shirt Sponsors

This sponsorship is a great opportunity to let everyone know that you support this program and these young men. During the summer program, the young men take several trips in and out of town, that are educational or community service oriented and we see a host of individuals everywhere we go. We are asking the sponsor to make a donation that will allow us to provide both a T-Shirt and a Polo shirt to each young man in the program.  Items will include the TEAM logo on the front as well as the sponsor logo on the sleeve.

Career Exploration Sponsors

We are seeking sponsors who have a passion for helping shape the minds of young people and getting them excited about various career paths.  If your business or organization has some exciting things to share, this opportunity is for you.  We are asking sponsors to host a career exploration event at their corporate venue to showcase multiple career paths available and even allow the young men to interact with some of the employees directly to gain more insight about what individuals do on a daily basis.  We are also asking the sponsor to provide lunch for all of the young men, the staff and any parents that join us for that day.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) Sponsors

According to a study completed by PEW Research Center recently, African-Americans represent approximately 11% of the workforce in the United States with less than 15% of that number employed in a STEM related field (e.g. science, medicine, engineering, math and computers).  STEM fields are the fastest growing area of jobs in the nation and typically the STEM workforce earns 26% more income. Through TEAM, we aim to get our young men excited about this explosive and wide ranging group of career opportunities.


We are seeking sponsors who are willing to sponsor our annual S.T.E.M. week hosted during the second half of the summer program.  This sponsorship covers the cost of outside instructor(s) fees and all necessary supplies which could include assembly kits, tablets and or software.  Each year, the young men tackle a different S.T.E.M. project such as building and studying drone flight paths, building rockets, building and studying roller coasters and many more.  The week is capped off with a showcase of each project and we invite the sponsors to come and join us for an exciting event.